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India Network Model

India Network acts as a lightning conductor for the startup revolution in India connecting all stakeholders via a single platform and providing holistic services.

Why Do We Need India Network?

  • Last MILE Connectivity
  • Taking “startup” beyond Metros
  • Full spectrum Ecosystem support
  • Empowering Entrepreneurs to take prudential risks backed by expert support

  • India Network Impact

  • Increase Infra To Encaurage Innovation At Grass Root Level.
  • Effective System For Implemaintation Of Govt. Policies & Schemes.
  • Organised Data Across Various Innovation/Startup Parameters For Structuring Policy Reforms.
  • Improving The IP Regime Through Bottom Of The Pyramid Innovations.
  • Attracting Larger Entities To Invest In Fostering Rural Entrepreneurship.
  • Upskilling Rural Population & Generating Employment Opportunities.
  • Why Do We Need India Network?

  • Harnessing the Power of Global Partnerships, entrepreneurships in India and Canada
  • Connecting Startups to NRI network of Investors and Mentors
  • Partner with like-minded organizations to promote educational programs in the area of entrepreneurship
  • Set up Themed Incubators, accelerator programs and connect relevant people in both countries
  • An India immersion program for Canadian citizens / PIOs / Government officials to encourage synergy, cultural sensitivity, and exploration of new opportunities
  • Explore options of companies and startups finding JV partners