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About us

Join the community of entrepreneurs and boost the beginning of your start-up.

India Network is an early-stage startup incubation, mentoring and funding network, with high focus on tier 2/3/4 towns and rural areas of Bharat. It aims to connect, collaborate and contribute to the vision of “Atmanirbhar” Bharat, through providing access to global mentors, investors and incubation services. Not just entrepreneurs, this platform is also for mavericks, freelancers, artisans and students.

India Network

Vision, Mission, And The Philosophy!

At the core of our philosophy lies the will, ambition, vision to ensure Siddhi, Unnati, and Pragati of Bharat!

Our sole Mission: To empower those who dare to dream

We’re on a mission to create THE ecosystem to find incubation, mentorship, investment for your growth story

As a curated community of people who are positive, hungry for learning, helping the community, and wanting to make a dent in, India Network with its strong presence of Investors, Mentors, Domain Experts, Entrepreneurs, and Students, continues to add and create value for every member.

Rahul Narvekar

Founder & CEO

A seasoned start-up entrepreneur, having earned his stripes in Mumbai and accumulated a track record in Delhi, Rahul has enormous experience (proven experience with a success record to boot, with global attestations to back it up) in the E-commerce spectrum of India.

He has a professional degree from IIM Calcutta, and will gleefully share with you all the hallowed rules that he has learnt, that he broke, as found himself writing a new chapter in Indian ecommerce. His fortes are start-ups, E-Commerce, retail on the subcontinent and all elements of the retail experience be it online or physical.

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