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Rahul Narvekar

Man on a mission to create a million entrepreneurs in India!

From a little boy who grew up in a family that struggled to make ends meet and having tasted the real struggles of life, Rahul fell several times only to rise and become the best version of himself which he is today.
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India Network

Join the community of entrepreneurs and boost the beginning of your start-up.

We create businesses, by incorporating ethics and right values primarily in terms of the economy, while also taking cultural, social, environmental, and artistic factors into consideration to create meaningful ventures. Serial entrepreneurs, technologists, designers, artists, researchers, and innumerable domain professionals make up our network, with a concentration on people who are skilled at starting new firms. Great endeavors' future resides in the community. We are rethinking how great businesses are founded, putting communities at the center.



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A Network of Leaders meant to prepare you for success.

Abhinav Tandon

CEO, Lasie Foundation

Ankit Maheshwari

CEO, Betaout

Rohit Jain

Investor, Mentor

Gauri Angrish

CEO, Coralcarebook

Our Code of honor

To live up to that mission, we’ve made three principles we swear by:

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