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Rahul Narvekar | Founder

"A seasoned startup entrepreneur, having earned his stripes in Mumbai and accumulated a track record in Delhi, Rahul has enormous experience (proven experience with a success record to boot, with global attestations to back it up) with ecommerce out of India, and he knows this space from its inception to where it is today.

He has a professional degree from IIM Calcutta, and will gleefully share with you all the hallowed rules that he has learnt, that he broke, as found himself writing a new chapter in Indian ecommerce. His speaciliaties are startups , ecommerce, retail on the subcontinent, all elements of the retail experience be it online or physical. By extension, a command of all aspects of real estate: sourcing, pricing, negotiation, buying, leasing, renting, development. Marketing malls in India is a eclusive space that he iscompletely conversant with.

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Bhavik Jhaveri, | CEO & Founder - Pretr Pvt. Ltd

Bhavik is a serial entrepreneur and an emerging market observer. Over a decade long experience in successfully building & leading ventures across payments, consumer internet, technology, and omnichannel retailing, both in Indian and global market.

In his previous roles, he has been part of founding teams at EBS, Fashionandyou, & Craftsvilla. Bhavik has also been part of a New York based venture Truefacet.com, and continues to be an active shareholder.

In his last role as the Founder & CEO - Ambab, he has created India's largest product engineering & co-innovation centre, and has been instrumental in incubating close to 100 products in the last 5 years. He continues to chair the board at Ambab.

In his current role as the Founder & CEO - Pretr, he spearheads product, business, strategy, & growth. He strongly believes that people don't buy online because it's convenient, but because the alternate is inconvenient. In his new found love, Bhavik is committed to revolutionize the way consumer shops online and at malls.

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Nishant Manchanda | Co-Founder

Nishant has over 15 years of experience in marketing, sales, Customer Interface consulting, and operations/supply chain in various domains. He has experienced the startup culture for almost 10 years. He likes to give shape to new ideas and test them quickly.

He is an avid professional who strongly believes in “Execution is the key to success for any idea”. He has strong abilities of bootstrapping the idea and implementing it to achieve the objectives of the organisation.

He actively works with Startup’s/SME’s and help them build strong topline. He gives training and mentorship to new age entrepreneurs and work with them to convert their idea into a profitable business.

In his sales and marketing role, his focus has always been on providing solutions rather than just fulfilling the product need. Same approach he continued when he helped customers developing their customer interface layer and improve their customer experience. He has a strong experience in strategising sales, marketing, and CRM strategies and solution for small, 5 people organizations, to large multi-location companies.

He posses a management degree from an international university and also studied marketing at IIM, Indore.

He believes “Everyone is this world is a sales person. They just don’t know this fact”

His mission in life is to empower people with knowledge and help them achieve their goals in life.

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Souniya Khurana | Head - Community Development

With her background in Hospitality and a core experience of almost a decade, in customer-centric roles, Souniya has led teams in business development with acclaimed multi-nationals and dynamic start-ups with the belief in delivering experiences.

Her keen observation and insight on how not only organisations, but individuals as well are constantly struggling to keep pace and ensure survival, has led her to sense the importance of community development for value creation. Having further validated the same with her own start-up, Karigar Konnect, a community for craftsmen and art enthusiasts, in the experiential craft and culture space. She firmly believes, that communities thrive when people are better connected and feel a sense of belonging.

Her professional stint includes having been associated with organisations like Indian Artizans, NDTV Indian Roots, IWG PLC (formerly Regus), she now leads the Community Development for India Network, a platform for people from across the start-up ecosystem to connect, collaborate and get access to top investors and mentors.

Being focused on the core belief of value creation, she loves to contribute in her own ways towards empowering each individual she connects with. She relishes offbeat experiences, exploring street food as much as different cuisines. Being an art and cultural enthusiast, she can be found curating, attending and volunteering for such experiences.

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